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Latest Training, Diet & Nutrition Articles

The Power of Sleep : How to Sleep like a Baby in a World of Stress and Stimulants

Sleep is probably the most underrated marker for improving overall physical health and mental well-being. When trying to improve health and fitness, most people focus on working out more by either running, cycling and lifting weights. Whilst at the same time trying to improve their diet, by eating better quality foods and either reducing calories […]

How to Successfully Lose Weight In 2019 and Keep Your Results

It is the beginning of 2019! Did you achieve your health and fitness goals last year? If no, then don’t worry here are five tips so you stay motivated throughout the new year!

Keto vs Paleo For Weight Loss – The 3 Big Differences

Keto? Paleo? What’s the difference? How are they similar? Most importantly: which one will work better for you? Is one of them going to help you lose more weight? Is one of them better for your overall health? Well you’re in the right place to learn. What is the Keto diet? The Ketogenic Diet is […]

Why Zinc is Important for Bodybuilding

Want to know why zinc is important for body building? Want to find out why Zinc could be the mineral you’re missing out on? You’re in the right place! Read on for the benefits on zinc on testosterone and bodybuilding. What is Zinc? Zinc, which is a type of metal, is an essential trace mineral […]

4 Ways To Add Muscle to Your Frame

Having a pair of broad shoulders, big arms and a strong looking barrel chest does wonders for your confidence. The trouble is that most guys who are trying to achieve this type of physique are spending time and money on the wrong things! In this post we’re going to take aways the guess work for […]

5 Easy Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

If there is one thing you can do to better your diet, it’s adding in more green vegetables. These superfoods are jammed full with vitamins, minerals, and all sorts of other good stuff. Whatever diet you follow, vegetarian, low-carb or vegan, consuming more green vegetables can be 100% beneficial to improving your health. Eating vegetables […]

Chlorella Benefits – What Is Chlorella & Why Should I Take It?

Chlorella is an essential vitamin for anyone looking to boost immunity and detox. This nutrient-dense algae is also an antioxidant and should be a staple supplement for those looking to enhance their overall health. This supplement may be new on the block, but it has been backed by scientific research. Containing a potent combination of […]

How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone an essential hormone when it comes to building up new muscle, increasing energy levels and improving overall health and wellbeing. It’s crucial for both men and women, although males have a much higher amount in their blood. Males will find that their testosterone levels begin to drop around 1% per year when they hit […]

Spirulina Benefits: Why You Need To Try This Super Food

Spirulina has been found to provide benefits to both the body and the brain. And as well as being highly nutritious, it is low in calories per gram and also rammed full of antioxidants.

Best Workouts to Get Shredded

Reducing your body fat down and forming a set of solid sculpted abs is the dream of most guys, or at least most guys who are going to be reading this, I’d hope. In a world of screens, sofas and fast food showing that you can stick to a diet and workout schedule with military […]

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