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Best Workouts to Get Shredded

Reducing your body fat down and forming a set of solid sculpted abs is the dream of most guys, or at least most guys who are going to be reading this, I’d hope.

In a world of screens, sofas and fast food showing that you can stick to a diet and workout schedule with military precision can only lead to good things. It’s not just about appearance, but it shows a strong and willing personality too.

If you’re looking to shred down, you need to ensure your diet is locked into a good deficit, you’re supplementing with the best fat burning pills and that you are on top of your calorie intake. Maintaining this is half the battle, with the other half taking place inside the gym.

So, how do you approach working out to get shredded? Follow one of these workout types to win the war.


HIRT is ‘High Intensity Resistance Training’ and is basically strength training that’ll burn a high amount of calories and hopefully keep hold of as much muscle as possible. Potentially even building some.

The basically principle of HIRT means keeping your rest times shorter and the movements quicker. But, still keeping a focus on your form. Adding in Supersets is an excellent way to push your endurance too. Aim for rest periods of around a minute between sets at first, however drop this by 20 seconds a week for the first two weeks.

Using full body workouts and compound movements is also a big way to make HIRT more effective.

2) HIIT and Heavy

We’re all about the acronyms so far. HIIT is some people’s idea of hell. But if you’re wanting to cut, and cut fast then it’s a great way of incinerating calories. HIIT is great when it’s run alongside low rep, heavy compound strength sessions.

With low rep ranges preserving energy, the heavy weight causing an increase in testosterone levels and the compound movements maximizing muscle recruitment.

The strength workout will help build up or preserve muscle, and the HIIT workout you run after (or later in the day) will help to incinerate that body fat. Just remember to adjust your calories for this one and keep protein intake high!

3) Break out bodyweight

Your bodies weight is an excellent tool to get you lean, well conditioned and feeling healthy. If you struggle to access a gym, then a simple pull up bar somewhere, coupled with runs, squats and jumps can lead to a successful shred.

Start by performing 6 sets of 10 pull ups. Keep your rest time short. From here, you need to be straight onto a run for around 5 minutes. At the end of your run, drop down into a push up position for around 10-15 reps and 6 sets.

After this, jump. Not for joy because you are not done. But box jumps. 20 reps of 6 sets again. What next? Repeat this circuit 3 times if you can. There’s plenty of body weight movements that can help you torch fat, so change up your workout and keep those rest times short.

Final Word

There’s a ton of ways to keep your body on track for a successful shred. But the key is, keeping your calories down to around a 500kcal deficit and keep a close eye on your macros, in particular protein.

This will keep you feeling fuller and ensure your muscles are fuelled up for whichever workout you run!

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