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How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone an essential hormone when it comes to building up new muscle, increasing energy levels and improving overall health and wellbeing.

It’s crucial for both men and women, although males have a much higher amount in their blood. Males will find that their testosterone levels begin to drop around 1% per year when they hit 30.

This impact can vary in terms of its effects depending on the individual, but generally effects of declining of low testosterone can include fatigue, bad moods and poor physical performance and a low sex drive.

In extreme cases men may find that they see an increase in belly fat and even the development of dreaded moobs.

Taking care of testosterone levels then, is essential. Not just for bodybuilders who are competing, but for absolutely any male.

Fortunately, you don’t have to turn to risky synthesised steroids to help your body increase levels of testosterone. In fact there are some pretty effective natural supplements available, as well as some key lifestyle and diet changes you can make to really optimise your T.


Natural testosterone boosters are supplements that come with the promise of ‘increased testosterone levels’. But, largely, there are so many of these products that don’t work.

With companies often basing the entire formula of a supplement on ‘the latest studies’, which turn out to be bogus or paid for by the companies themselves, the test booster industry is a minefield.

There are however some ingredients which do work and have been widely studied. And because of this, are worth looking for if you want to go down this route to boost testosterone levels.

When it comes to essential natural testosterone booster ingredients you want to be on the lookout for L-arginine, Citruline Malate1 and minerals Vitamin B3 (niacin).

Herbs offer mixed results. With Fenugreek being a top contender for a herb based testosterone booster and on the opposite end of the spectrum, Tribulus, which has little support and is more the by product of clever marketing.

Herbs can be an absolute minefield, so it pays to do a little research yourself using scientifically backed sources and studies on any supplement you plan on buying.

Eating for more Testosterone

Your diet cannot be overlooked when it comes to boosting up test levels. What goes into your body can dramatically affect the production of this key steroid hormone.

If you overload with junk food, sugar and beer then you’re sadly not giving your body what it needs to kick it’s testosterone production into gear.

In fact, studies have shown that sugary drinks 2 can have a negative impact on testosterone levels as well as lead to poor overall physical and mental health.

When looking for foods that boost up your testosterone levels,  you want to be aiming for lean meats, whole nuts and green veggies.

This way you’ll be increasing your intake of key test boosting minerals and creating the best environment possible for your body to increase testosterone levels naturally.

It’s also worth remembering that by doing this you’ll start to feel far healthier and, if you keep an eye on those calories, start to shift unwanted weight and potentially even build up some muscle.

Final word: Increase testosterone naturally

Remember… Eat clean. Supplement clean. Workout hard. Sleep lots. By following these three fairly simple rules you’ll have your best shot at all the benefits increased testosterone levels bring.

So put that beer and cookie down.

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