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How to Successfully Lose Weight In 2019 and Keep Your Results

It’s the beginning of 2019!

Did you achieve your health and fitness goals last year?

If you said YES! That’s awesome, long may it continue.

If you said NO! Then don’t worry, there are lots of people in exactly the same boat and in this post we’re going to help you get on track, but most importantly keep on track so that you can maintain your results long term.

#1 Set Specific Goals

If we could fast forward to this time next year (365 days from now) where would you like to be with your health and fitness, and how much weight would you like to have lost?

Write down 1-3 main goals, and be specific, for example…

By the end of January 2020 I want to be training at the gym consistently 4x per week, weight 12 stone, and have a leaner and more athletic body.

Once you’ve written down the goals, it’s time for the next step…

#2 Visualise The Outcome

Visualisation is super important because it gets you imagining what it will be like once you’ve achieved your goals.

Once you’ve written down your goals, close your eyes for 10 minutes and imagine you’ve already achieved the results you want. For example imagine being able to fit into those nice designer jeans that you like, imagine the extra energy you’ll have at work and with your kids, and also imagine your new ‘body confidence’ on your next beach holiday.

I recommend revisiting your goals each week, to help keep you focused. Once you’ve done this spend 5-10 minutes each week with your eyes closed, visualising your future health and body shape. This will excite you and keep you working hard so that you achieve the physical reality!

#3 Get Some Extra Help

Unless you’re married to a personal trainer, or know somebody who’s really clued up when it comes to losing weight, it’s 100% worth investing in a coach to help you reach your goals more quickly, safely and with support through the tough times when you lack motivation or hit a plateau with your weight loss.

You can find an expert online by typing in ‘personal trainer in X’ – fill in the X by typing in your area, for example “personal trainer in Leeds”. You can then have a look around and look for positive reviews and testimonials before booking a session.

You could also ask for a referral from one of your friends.

#4 Take Small Baby Steps

It’s great to be ambitious and set big goals, but lots of people try to change all too much at once! They expect to lose a stone in a week! The expectations and reality don’t match up and once the results aren’t achieved all motivation is lost and it’s easy to give up!

Instead set yourself small tangible goals, for example if you’re new to the gym you could set yourself these goals for Jan/Feb…

  • Join a gym
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Start Keeping a food diary
  • Lose 4-8lbs of weight
  • Buy one healthy supplement – like a greens pill (link to Elite My Health) or multivitamin
  • Go to the gym 2-3x per week
  • Walk 6-8,000 steps per day
  • Drink 2 extra glasses of water per day

Once these goals have been achieved you can then add some more.

#5 Track Your Progress

How do you know that you’re on track if you don’t measure your progress?

When it comes to weight loss I’d recommend tracking your weight 1-2x per week, at the start of the week and then mid week i.e. Thursday. Providing you are creating a calorie deficit by moving more and eating less you will keep losing weight, and if you’re not then you can start addressing the areas holding you back.  

As well as tracking your weight also make-sure to track your workouts, I’d recommend picking up a gym diary – where you log your weights, reps and sets. The aim is to keep improving each week and month, over time this will lead to huge progress.


With over 10,000 hours worth of coaching experience, Nick helps bring out the best in people both mentally and physically through his personal training business ‘LEP Fitness’When he’s not training clients or in the gym working out, he’s running around having fun with his one year old son, reading books, and spending time with family and friends.

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