The Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Boosters 2017

“What are testosterone boosters?” “Can they help me anyway?” “Should I be worried about any bad side effects?”

These questions are thrown around plenty with no one to really offer a thorough and unbiased answer to them. Many rookies usually feel discouraged by the scarcity of information revolving around this topic and leave their newfound working out pastime disappointed. As such, this review intends to shed light on the matter once and for all in the most unbiased way possible – we will be trying to provide conclusive answers to key questions throughout the guide, too, so bear with us!

“What are testosterone boosters?”

In order to have a better understanding of the matter, we must first define what testosterone is.
Take for example whisky, wine and cheese. These all get better with age (our personal favourite being wine), but with humans, it’s usually the other way around. After a considerable amount of time in our lives has passed, we start to see plenty of unfavourable changes in our bodies, namely in strength and muscle mass. And who’s the culprit? No one else other than the ever-decreasing testosterone in our bodies of course.

To be more specific, testosterone is the main hormone associated with increasing muscle mass, strength gains and sex drive. So, however much you might be trying to avoid increasing its level due to any reasons, you will be intrinsically forced to do so in a natural and harmless way to compensate for the potential lack of it.

“Is there such thing as natural and harmless way of boosting my testosterone?”
Of course! You’re looking at what we commonly refer to as “testosterone boosters”. These define entire classes of herbal supplements aimed at naturally and harmlessly increasing testosterone levels in your body, all the while ensuring that side effects are kept to a minimum of occurrence.

“Is there a difference between testosterone boosters and testosterone replacement therapy?”
There is, and a drastic difference while we’re at it. Testosterone boosters usually refer to any handpicked natural and safe supplemental ingredients mixed so as to help the body maximise its own testosterone production. Bear this aspect in mind while reading on.

On the other hand, TRTs are drastically different in that they basically are medical treatments prescribed and supervised by a certain doctor, whereby the lost testosterone in your body is replaced with an outside, artificial testosterone.

The true problem with the latter is that once you get started with it, you’ll basically be unable to quit. Not only is it addictive, but once your body reaches considerable artificial levels of testosterone, you’ll need to keep on being administered expensive treatments if you want your artificial testosterone levels to remain constant. This happens because your body is led to believe that it no longer needs to produce testosterone, so it simply stops. A very embarrassing side effect to opting for artificial testosterone is that you put your testicles at risk of “shrinking”, and no one really wants that, do they?

“Why Should I Even Boost Testosterone?”

Testosterone is probably one of, if not, the most important hormone in your body, the shortage of which could essentially cost your life – literally. Low testosterone levels are associated with muscle mass, bone density and sex drive loss. According to new studies, the same low levels of testosterone could massively increase your chances of developing prostate cancer and multiple heart diseases. By analogy, if you know that your testosterone levels are low, you ought to consider naturally boosting them.
The question that arises in your mind at the moment is: “Why boost my testosterone if it’s already doing great?”

There are a couple of reasons:
1. Scientific studies show that high levels of testosterone are associated with a more positive outlook of life;
2. Healthy testosterone levels can help an ageing man restore and improve strength, endurance, stamina, cardiac functions, mental and cognitive acuity, along with many others

Obviously, there are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels such as getting enough sleep, staying active, taking control of your stress etc. However, considering the fact most of us need guaranteed on-the-spot results – which the above-mentioned fail to provide -, testosterone boosters are the go-to solution you have been yearning for.

Testosterone Boosters = Guaranteed Strength and Muscle Mass Gain

Now that we are able to comprehend why, pragmatically speaking, testosterone boosters are desirable, let’s proceed to the overall effects on your body.

High levels of testosterone are primarily associated with libido, sexual health, bone density and body composition improvements, among an even wider array of vital benefits, including but not limited to overall strength, physical performance and lean muscle mass enhancements.

How Does It Maintain Strength and Muscle Mass?

The scientific process is what we commonly refer to as “protein synthesis”. As the name suggests, protein synthesis is the process whereby cells generate new proteins, which in turn are used to build and maintain lean muscle mass. This can explain why most professional athletes out there make use of natural testosterone boosters. Not only is the process very straightforward, but testosterone boosters are a scientifically-proven way of increasing your T levels at virtually zero risk. Still not totally convinced? Read on to see how testosterone affects fat and weight loss.

Is Testosterone in Any Way Associated with Weight Loss or Gain?

Not only can high or low testosterone levels be attributed to weight loss or gain, but they are decisive factors while we’re at it.

According to recent studies, low testosterone levels among humans all over the globe are a direct cause of the ever-increasing obesity we experience. There is also the vicious cycle we become trapped in. Low testosterone levels make it easier for your body to retain fat, thus gain weight in a rather short time span. You may be inclined to believe that, if you wanted, you could easily get rid of the surplus, but hold that thought for a moment: once you gain considerable weight, fat tends to impair the production of testosterone, so you’ll basically be unable to return to your previous condition unless superhuman efforts are made. We say “superhuman” because your body will also become resistant to insulin, which means that when you eat foods rich in carbohydrates, they get stored as fat instead of being burned and used as fuel for your body.

According to recent studies carried out by the New England Research Institute, the most accurate predictor of low testosterone levels in your body is the size of your waistline – they say that it’s even more accurate an indicator than age and overall health. Hard to believe, right?

The very same researchers have reached another verdict: an abundance of belly fat is the strongest indicator as to determine a health condition called androgen deficiency. Androgen deficiency can be detected by anyone if some or all of the following apply: loss of libido, impotence, infertility, shrinkage of testicles, penis and prostate, decreased facial and body hair growth, low muscle mass, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches and osteoporosis.

Other medical studies have concluded that testosterone can help hindering the creation of fat cells, improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lower your blood pressure and generally give you more strength, stamina and will to perform your workouts with enhanced peace of mind that you’ve considerably helped your body.

So, to conclude, the lower your testosterone levels are, the more likely it is for you to be overweight. Conversely, the higher your testosterone levels are, the likelier you are to have a lean healthy weight. As simple as that.

Testosterone and Sex Drive

We’ve previously mentioned the effects of testosterone on your libido, but have not gone into detail too much. Let’s see how increased levels of testosterone can positively help you with regard to your sexual life!

Let’s face it: everyone has had or at least wants to have sex. After all, it’s the very reason each and every one of us is on Earth in the first place. There is, however, a massive difference between low and high-quality sex, and for the latter to apply, healthy testosterone levels must be attained and maintained. Testosterone activates strong sexual desire and sensations, enables performance and provides the ultimate degree of sexual fulfilment.

Rock hard erections are not possible without healthy testosterone levels. They originate in the brain whereby neuronal testosterone-receptor sites are ignited in the blood vessels, muscles and nerves.

As a result, if your testosterone levels are unsatisfying, your genitals will literally atrophy – and the dreadful process is more often than not irreversible. Even though low testosterone levels are associated with testicle shrinkage and an erect-less penis, there may be other causes such as a blockage in the artery of your penis, so you may want to make a doctor’s appointment if this applies to you.

Impact of Testosterone on Your Heart

As we age, our hearts weaken – there’s nothing truer in the world than this very fact. You might be naturally tempted to believe that testosterone boosters have very bad effects on your heart, but it isn’t exactly accurate. The heart is a muscle by definition, and there are many testosterone receptors in it. If your heart does not perform accordingly, you may want to check your testosterone levels for any potential shortage.

Not only is testosterone highly responsible for maintaining the heart muscle protein synthesis, but it also promotes coronary artery dilation and helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. There are numerous successful heart-related experiments that have been carried out recently and attest the clear benefits of high testosterone levels in your body – in China alone, doctors have managed to treat angina with testosterone-based treatments, which is more than revelatory.

Correlation Between Testosterone and Aging

People aged 40 and upwards usually face a midlife crisis. Did you know that midlife crisis can more often than not be associated with loss of energy, cognitive decline, depression and even loss of sexual desire?

Lack of healthy testosterone levels are also bound to trigger physical degenerative diseases in ageing men, such as cardiovascular diseases (which are highly responsible for causing sudden cardiac arrests), osteoporosis, Type-II diabetes and so forth.

To make matters worse, unhealthy testosterone levels are primarily associated with the bodily production of dangerous hormones called cortisol.

In a nutshell, cortisol is deemed “the death hormone”, and rightfully so, since scientists have recently found that it produces degenerative effects such as brain cell injury, arterial wall damage, immune dysfunction etc.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Using Testosterone Boosters?

In order to answer this question as accurately as possible, you must bear in mind that testosterone boosters are nothing more than herbal supplements and by no means anabolic steroids which are designed to replace bodily testosterone. The confusion between the two is created permanently, with press – purposely or not – disseminating this faux information, too.

Additionally, natural herbal-based testosterone boosters have been intensively tested by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) and deemed “safe to use”. Therefore, you can rest assured that natural testosterone boosters are completely safe to use and 100% legal.

Will I See Real Results?

Now that we’ve ruled out the safety and legality concerns, let’s explore a little bit the kind of products you are able to purchase.

As with products on any market out there, there will be “good” testosterone boosters and “bad” testosterone boosters in that the former will provide more satisfying results than the latter. However, the biggest concern does not come down to whether you’ll have any results at all since they are absolutely guaranteed, but to how receptive you are to lifestyle changes, as you’ll be forced to make some concessions. For example, following a fully-efficient diet and/or doing consistent exercise which includes heavy lifting or high-intensity interval training will surely provide the results you so much need.

Testosterone Boosters – 8 Noticeable Benefits!

Once you start administering your testosterone booster, you’ll want to look for the following body and lifestyle enhancements, along with some other benefits:

– Natural testosterone secretion improvement
– Noticeable muscle gains
– Protein Synthesis promotion
– Nitrogen retention and blood flow increase
– Energy and stamina increase
– Sex drive and libido improvements
– Body fat replacement with lean muscle
– 100% legal and safe-to-use

I Want to Get Started Now! What Should I Do?

First off, carry out thorough research regarding testosterone boosters– since you’re here, you’ve already completed the step and don’t need to look further, so congratulations!
Secondly, you ought to make sure that you are taking only quality testosterone boosters that actually produce real results with little to no side effects.

In addition to quality testosterone boosters, you need to take advantage of proven strategies and tactics that will provide fruit that you can reap. This is not a compulsory requirement, but if you want to see guaranteed results, you definitely have to adjust your lifestyle to a few changes.

What Do You Mean by “Lifestyle Changes”?

First of all, what kind of food you’re used to eating can significantly increase or decrease your testosterone levels. For the former to apply, you ought to eat foods that obviously increase your testosterone levels and are not estrogen-rich (it being a proven testosterone killer). Not only that, but oestrogen is very bad for men, so as a general rule, avoid foods that are rich in oestrogen – you’ll do yourself a big favour in the long run.

Then, take into consideration the fact that you need to frequently practice at a gym – lifting heavy weights preferably. This causes the body to tap into the central nervous system to provide the necessary hormonal testosterone boosting response required to accomplish a specific task.

Additionally, you’ll be shocked to know that, according to recent studies, how much sleep you get per night is directly proportional to how healthy your testosterone levels are. Not only, but good sleep enhances other aspects of your life such as overall physical, emotional and mental well-being which, in turn, influence testosterone levels as well, which creates a very vicious circle. Breaking it will have dire consequences.

On a final note, the easiest way to boost your testosterone levels without incurring any costs is as easy as exposing yourself to the sun for 15 minutes. How?
Well, sunlight exposure is known to increase Vitamin D in your body, which not only does it help increase low testosterone levels in your body, but is also a great way of ensuring that you assimilate and retain calcium as you are normally supposed to.


Raise Your Testosterone by 400 percent

It might seem a little bit exaggerated, but according to Dr. Ethel Blair, it is possible to increase your testosterone levels by a whopping 400 percent in literally weeks! There are a few ways to approach this for you to see undisputed results:

– Fast continually
– Lift heavy weights 3-5 days per week (at a minimum!!!)
– Dump the unnecessary junk food and sugars from your diet
– Detox your liver
– Manage your anger, hatred, frustration, resentment etc.
– Get as much Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Ginseng, Fish Oil as possible

Are You Ready to Change Your Life for Good?

The mounting evidence above should convince a great deal of you dealing with a lack of healthy testosterone levels to take action and really consider taking natural herbal-based testosterone boosters.

However, we’re committed to convincing even the most sceptical among you that natural testosterone boosters are really a miracle in this century. Read below to find out about how you can take action and how to choose the best testosterone booster on the market!

What Are You Waiting for? Today Is the Revolution Day!

It goes without saying that you simply cannot expect to see results if you don’t take any action. This is a general rule of life and applies to virtually anything you can think of.
Our point being, if you don’t take natural testosterone boosters, you cannot expect your testosterone levels to increase. As simple as that.

Conversely, if you do make up your mind on taking T boosters, you shouldn’t expect that change will come overnight. Success is only possible if you take consistent and progressive steps each day. In your case, if you complement your testosterone booster intake with regular exercise, you will see definite results. Guaranteed.

Tell Me What I Should Buy!

As we previously covered above, there are “good” and “bad” testosterone boosters out there. Since you’re here, you obviously are on the lookout for the best, so we have great news. We’re proud to announce that we’ve just released Elite Testo earlier this year and that you’ve stumbled upon this article at the right time. We’re currently running a special promotion for all of our readers for a very limited time! Don’t miss out on the offer and change your life today!

Alright! What Kind of Exercises Should I Approach?

We’ve stressed the importance of testosterone boosters enough – now it’s time to focus on complementing them with enough physical exercise to actually speed up the process so you can see results in no time.

Dr. Burgess takes an excellent approach to explaining how and why high-intensity interval training raises testosterone levels, growth hormone levels, and generally burns more fat than standard cardio exercises. Obviously, this saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on what really matters: increasing your testosterone levels to satisfying levels.

Are There Any Side Effects Anyway? Should I Be Worried?

Generally speaking, any substance intake has potential side effects, and you might be tempted to believe that testosterone boosters fall in the very same category, too.

However, according to extensive studies carried out recently, all good natural testosterone boosters have been found to have little to no side effects on the human body, including our Elite Testo. You’ve read that right, our product has been recently tested for potential side effects and the provided results were more than straightforward: there are no side effects associated with using our product!

Conversely, if you opt for testosterone replacement therapies such as AndroGel, the same scientific research suggests that you will most likely experience some if not many side effects including but not limited to; nausea, vomiting, chronic headache, dizziness, hair loss, trouble sleeping, changes in sexual desire, redness/swelling/itching/burning/hardening of the skin, change in skin color, depression, acne etc. As you can see, there are just too many side effects associated with this T replacement therapy. Don’t testosterone boosters just seem safer?

After all, AndroGel implies injecting your body with outside artificial testosterone which may or may not be compatible with your own body, whereas testosterone boosters are simply what their name suggests: they help with the production of your own testosterone – all natural and done inside your body without any kind of outside intervention from artificial substances. We’ll leave it to you to figure out what’s the best choice.

Testosterone Boosters Are for People of All Ages!

A couple of paragraphs above we mostly stressed the importance that testosterone boosters hold to older people. We would like to clarify right off the bat that testosterone boosters are good for adults in any age range since a potential decline in testosterone levels could really happen to each and every one amongst us. It is true that older people tend to have better results in optimising and building up their physical bodies, and the results they are getting are indeed phenomenal while we’re at it, but testosterone boosters cater to everyone. No exception.

70 Is the New 50

If you have been closely following the staying fit scene, you might have heard about Geraldo Rivera who became notorious for publicly posting a pic of himself on Twitter the day he turned 70 with the following caption: “70 is the new 50”. He has received congratulations and praise from fellow older adults, but he has also been greeted with scepticism – and sometimes worse than that.

Geraldo here surely is envied by friends and family, but let’s give it to him: he does look good for 70 indeed, and even if he wasn’t 70, he would still look good in the eyes of millions undoubtedly.

The thing is, the internet has made it possible for all of us to become informed – the problem is, not many amongst us want to take this rather uncomfortable step. There is just so much information about nutrition, exercise, fitness trackers, muscle building supplements, T and HGH boosters and legal steroid alternatives. Older people, like Geraldo Rivera, take advantage of the abundant Internet information and all times and, in the end, end up having amazing bodies!

Muscle Building Stacks

A common practice among those who want on-the-spot results is to combine all the muscle building supplements they have, which means that they opt for taking testosterone boosters in addition to one or more products such as natural human growth hormone booster or new steroid alternatives in order to produce unprecedented results.

Is it safe?

Yes! Anything natural that you ingest/inject in combination with another natural product/supplement cannot do any harm to your body whatsoever. In fact, many people approach this method in conjunction with high-intensity burst training for instant results. Many people advocate progressive training, and so do we, but to a certain extent. If you do things too slowly, you’ll find out that you just cannot remain consistent throughout the period. It is essential to impose yourself strict rules to abide by with little to no deviations. You are obviously totally free (and encouraged) to create your own routine, but bear in mind the previous aspect. Be fast, consistent and perseverant and results will come. You can do it!


We believe that this guide has been comprehensive enough so as to instil you the necessary information and motivation to get you started with. Remember, the key to all of this is full understanding that testosterone boosters are completely natural, legal and, if you’re from the USA, FDA-approved.

Then, maintaining regular exercise of any kind (preferably heavy weight lifting) is also desirable. You are free to choose any kind of testosterone boosters you want, but for the best results out there to come in no time, we highly recommend you purchase our Elite Testo natural T booster. No other product comes at par with ours. We guarantee full satisfaction.

In the end, it all comes down to how committed you are to increasing your testosterone levels and, with it, your life quality. Take action now before it’s too late! We wish you best of luck in your endeavours, preferably with our product!