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Spirulina Benefits: Why You Need To Try This Super Food

Spirulina is a form of algae that is found in fresh and salt water. Actually known as a Blue-Green algae, spirulina has been consumed by both humans and animals for centuries.

Spirulina supplementation is hugely common. And not because people love to eat algae, but because spirulina is in fact one of the most nutritiously beneficial foods on the whole planet.

What makes spirulina even more popular, is the fact that this particular type of cyanobacteria have yielded a wealth of positive results in various scientific studies.

Spirulina has been found to provide benefits to both the body and the brain. And as well as being highly nutritious, it is low in calories per gram and also rammed full of antioxidants. We feature spirulina in our Elite Health super greens.

Here’s why spirulina works so well as a supplement and why you should consider trying it:

It’s ridiculously high in nutrients and protein

As one of the oldest forms of life to exist on planet earth, spirulina is also crammed full of nutrients and protein.

It’s protein content is higher than that of chicken or soybeans and sits at between 55-70%. And whilst you wouldn’t be able to replace a whey protein supplement or healthy amount of protein intake for a diet with spirulina, it certainly provides a highly beneficial extra boost.

As well as being a source of protein, spirulina contains every amino acid you need. Both essential and non essential, making it a supplement every bodybuilder should consider adding to their stack.

If that’s not enough, spirulina also has high levels of B12, iron, calcium and phosphorous.

It has unbelievable antioxidant properties

Antioxidants help protect the body from oxidative stress which can lead to more sinister health problems like heart issues and even cancer. Oxidative stress can also have a negative impact on exercise performance.

Because of it’s antioxidant compounds, spirulina is thought to offer benefit to the endurance of athletes. In fact this study 1 on nine moderately trained males concluded that spirulina supplementation led to a ‘significant increase in exercise performance, fat oxidation, and GSH concentration and attenuated the exercise-induced increase in lipid peroxidation.’

The antioxidants in spirulina have also been  as well as potentially help protect the body against cancer. In one study 1 patients with pancreatic cancer were given Spirulina platensis within 3 days saw a reduction in the proliferation of their illness.

The benefits of Spirulina are HUGE

A standard dose of spirulina sits at upwards of 1 gram, but even large doses which can go as big as 10 grams offer even more benefits. 7 grams (roughly a teaspoon) of Spirulina only holds 20 calories, which given the nutrient and antioxidant profile is very impressive and the reason it has the follow benefits:

  • Spirulina can reduce inflammation and reduce metabolic damage as well as help reduce the effects of countless diseases. It is known to fight free radicals and stop the production of molecules that signal inflammation.
  • Spirulina protects against heart disease by lowering the amount of bad cholesterol and also fat which is found in blood (Triglycerides). Coupled with the fact that this humble algae also promotes the production of healthy or good cholesterol and you’re onto a winner.
  • An exciting study found that spirulina (4.5g per day) was able to reduce blood pressure in normal and healthy patients. This reduction can lead to protection from even more forms of related diseases.
  • Anemics listen up, when 40 older people who suffered with anaemia supplemented spirulina, the haemoglobin content of their red blood cells rose. Because of this their symptoms reduced. But, it didn’t just stop there it was found that most patients also saw an improvement to their immune function.
  • We’ve already touched on this, but if you’re hitting the gym regularly then it’s been seen that spirulina can improve performance and strength. Coupled with the fact that you’re getting a bonus shot of protein and a whole load of amino acids, you’ll give your body extra tools to promote recovery too!
  • Another major effect of spirulina is its ability to aid blood sugar control. In fact a study found that over a two month period, people with type 2 diabetes saw a pretty remarkable reduction in blood sugar levels. Because of this, spirulina may also help people who are combating obesity or looking to lose weight.

Spirulina works for both genders

Spirulina is perfectly safe to take if you are either male or female. It can provide some benefits to a genders respective hormones and also overall health and wellbeing also.

Spirulina is side effect free

All the benefits above come with the huge bonus that spirulina is fully side effect free! In fact the only potential issue that can come from spirulina supplementation is due to its iodine content.

And this is only an issue for people sensitive to iodine. So, essentially you are getting a wonder supplement with little to no risks.

Why you REALLY need to try Spirulina…

If this article hasn’t persuaded you we’re sure you can go out and find a wealth of other evidence supporting spirulina supplementation.

But as one of first life forms on the planet, and one that also helped create the atmosphere that allowed humanity to flourish, spirulina is effectively a supplement that has been around since time began and will probably be here long after we are gone.

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